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Step 1 /For best results, ensure skin is clean, exfoliated and free of deodorants and moisturisers. 

Step 2 /Pump desired amount of BODBASE Self Tanning Mousse directly onto tanning mitt and apply to skin using long sweeping motions to legs, arms and body. Use remaining mousse on mitt to apply sparingly to hands, ankles and face. 

Your BODBASE Self Tan should last between 5-7 days and we recommend moisturising daily to prolong your tan. To ensure you get the best long lasting results we also recommend limiting the following tips: 

- Limit time in seawater and chlorinated pools as much as possible

- Heavy sweating from hot saunas, steam rooms and exercise

- Shaving and waxing

-Avoid scrubbing/rubbing your skin

- Avoid any other type of skin exfoliation

- Not using a self tanning mitt. We recommend using our BODBASE Tanning Mitt to keep hands protected and stain free

- Forgetting to exfoliate skin beforehand

- Applying too much self tan on hands, knees, elbows and feet. We recommend using BODBASE Self Tanning Mousse sparingly to these areas to avoid overdevelopment.

By applying a small amount of moisturiser to these areas works as a barrier and will not develop as dark. Please ensure you wipe the inside of your hands after using moisturiser before self tanning as touching your skin with moisturised hands after tan application can cause patch marks. 

Yes, we recommend using our BODBASE Tanning Mitt to ensure hands are protected and stain free leaving you with flawless results to achieve the ultimate professional and streak free finish. 

For best results, we recommend leaving our BODBASE Self Tanning Mousse on for 2-6 hours to avoid overdevelopment on the skin. 

Please note: if you choose to leave our BODBASE Self Tanning Mousse on overnight, it can potentially overdevelop and cause the following: 

- The skin to dehydrate and dry out causing cracking

-  Can cause the self tan to throw off undesirable colours on the skin 

Yes, when you shower after the desired timeframe the bronzer layer will wash off and your tan will develop over a 8-12 hour period.

We recommend leaving BODBASE Self Tanning Mousse on for the following timeframes to achieve certain colour shades: 

Light/Medium - 2-4 hours 

Dark - 4-6 hours 

We recommend shaving/waxing at least 24 hours before applying BODBASE Self Tanning Mousse to avoid skin irritation. 

Our products are made with love, using 100% vegan ingredients and WE DO NOT test on animals. 

Our self tanning mousse shouldn’t have any harmful effects during pregnancy as it typically only the top layer of the skin that’s affected by DHA. It can be helpful to do a skin test prior to applying a full application of BODBASE Self Tanning Mousse as hormone levels can fluctuate throughout pregnancy. 

If you are unsure, please consult your doctor. 

You can still tan in the sun however, please note our self tan does not protect your skin from the suns harmful UV rays. 

Please ensure you apply sunscreen and sun protection before exposing your skin to the sun and re-apply regularly.